Christian boarding school for girls with life-controlling issues. Compare Teen Challenge Christian boarding schools to therapeutic boarding schools.

Christian Boarding School for Girls Who are Struggling

LGA’s Teen Challenge for Girls is Designed to Help Turn Around Troubled Girls. Compare LGA to Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Girls…LGA is Far Less Costly, and Often More Effective in Making Lasting Change.

Teen Challenge for Girls … Lakeland Grace may the answer you are looking for if your teenage girl is struggling.

Parent, as you view the pages of this site, it is our prayer that you will find comfort and hope in the knowledge that the circumstances that brought you here are solvable.  Your girl and your family can find restoration.  Once your girl is separated from the influences in her life, we can work with her and turn around her thinking so that she is the precious girl that you once knew.

We enroll girls year-round.  Individual counseling throughout each girl’s stay encourages transparency and self-acceptance group counseling helps them develop problem solving skills that will last a lifetime. Unlike most therapeutic boarding schools, our program teaches girls to also look to God for hope, peace and purpose in their life. 

Sometimes a Boarding School like LGA’s Teen Challenge for Girls is the Only Answer

Hurt, frustration, anger and fear are probably some of the emotions you are feeling today. Few things are as painful as helplessly watching your daughter slipping away through self-destructive behavior. You’ve been thinking, “What happened to our little girl? What can we do? Where can we go for help? What will finally make a difference in her life?” If you have tried counseling and are clueless what to do next, you are at the right place. AT LGA we have all the tools and training to help your girl. 

LGA’s boarding school and girls home is designed to help troubled girls.  Our purpose is to help renew and rejuvenate troubled girls’ hearts and restore families and relationships. We celebrate recoveries each day. We see faces change from defiance and anger to pure joy. We see the excitement in the spirits of our students as they realize the abundant life they will have before them as they see the dreams they have for their future can come true. In our program, self-esteem increases and the self-destructive habits and peer influence fall away.

Our Christian Boarding School Offers Counseling, Mentoring and Care

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At LGA’s Teen Challenge for Girls, struggling girls learn to redirect their time, talent and energy into positive endeavors. They discover their unique God-given talents and experience the inevitable reward of doing the “right things for the right reasons.”  More importantly, they uncover and learn to embrace their future. They step out into the remainder of their life with goals and a passion to succeed, regardless of what they do…yet determined to follow a principled and Godly path. 

LGA is fully accredited academically, registered with the State of Florida. Our boarding school provides focused and individualized academic attention for girls, improving study skills and helping your girl get caught up in school and prepared for college. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have provided your daughter with the best educational experience and preparation, while at the same time she receives counseling and therapy to improve her behavior and motivations in life. Admission is year-round and we enroll girls as quickly as in 48 hours.  Professional and caring pickup and transport can be arranged, if the teenager requires it.

“I thought no one could ever understand and bring me out of the endless suffering I was in. At Lakeland School for Girls, God showed me His amazing grace and opened up my heart to let others in to help.” – Megan

“Coming to this boarding school has made me the girl that I have always wanted to be. God is restoring every relationship with my family members. God is amazing and I am so thankful.” – Amanda

“Since coming to the Lakeland boarding school for girls, my life has completely changed. I owe all my thanks to the power of God… I had no respect for anyone but now through God I can love and respect others and myself.” – Christy

“I felt like no one would ever love me. But then at Lakeland I learned to see myself from a whole new perspective.”
– Michelle

Should you need help finding boys homes, or boarding schools, or troubled teens, let us know. We are Teen Challenge for girls.

Therapeutic boarding schools for girls like Lakeland Teen Challenge for girls offers behavioral therapy for troubled teen girls with teen counseling designed to improve behavior. At-risk teenage girls are helped in this therapeutic residential program for girls, girls who are struggling with anxiety, anger, oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or drug or substance abuse.

Christian Boarding Schools | Teen Challenge for Girls

Christian boarding school for girls with life-controlling issues. Compare Teen Challenge Christian boarding schools to therapeutic boarding schools.

Lakeland Grace is a Teen Challenge therapeutic boarding school for girls (Teen Challenge for girls) that enrolls troubled girls. We help troubled teen girls coming from homes in Texas, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York and California. A Christian boarding school in Lakeland, Florida, LGA is an alternative to therapeutic boarding schools in Florida and throughout the South.